Q - Where do you ship to?

A – We ship worldwide, particularly to the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Europe. If you are unsure whether or not we ship to your country, please contact us.

Q – How long does shipping take?

A – Shipping can take anywhere from 10 days to up to a month. Please allow a month to pass before contacting us about your order.

Q – How much does shipping cost?

A – Shipping is free for orders over $100. For orders under $100, it is dependent on the goods ordered (e.g. shipping a bracelet will be cheaper than a large canvas painting), but generally is between $2-$5.

Q – I haven’t received my order yet. What shall I do?

A – Please allow up to a month from the date of despatch before contacting us at admin@PukkaChoices.com.

Q – How do I know that your products are reliable?

A – To ensure the reliability of our products, please read the product reviews our customers leave under each product or visit our Testimonials section.

Q – How can I contact you?

A – To contact us, you can instant message using the button in the bottom-right of the screen, email us at Admin@PukkaChoices.com or message us via Facebook or Instagram.

Q – Do you accept returns/refunds?

A – We do not accept returns but will refund if damage occurred during the shipping process of a product and it has arrived to you in a subpar condition. Please contact us and send us images of any damaged products in this instance.

Q – Which payment methods do you accept?

A – We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro) as well as PayPal.

Q – Can I use PayPal on your website?

A – Yes, you can use PayPal.

Q – Can I cancel my order?

A – Once your order has been marked as despatched, it cannot be cancelled. If you wish to cancel before this, please contact us as soon as possible at admin@PukkaChoices.com

 Q – How can I keep up to date with Pukka Choices news and promotions?

A – Please sign up to our mailing list and follow us on social media – Instagram and Facebook @PukkaChoices

Q – Is my information safe?

A – Yes. We operate a strict protection policy and will not sell your information to any third parties. We value your privacy as much as you do.  Please read our Terms of Service for more.